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Wavetrac Limited Slip Differential Group Buy

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2011 Buick Regal CXL Turbo M6
I was looking for a local place that sold a Wavetrac LSD and it seems that nobody around here has one. I contacted Wavetrac and they said they can do a run of them if enough people were interested in them. Please post up here if you are interested.

From what I have read, it is superior to the Quaife LSD.


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1985 Regal Limited 6.0, 1987 GN, 2011 Regal T
Wavetrac gave me the same story. I’d be in for one but I already installed a quaife. FWIW I can say the quaife made a big improvement. I still spin in first a little on a hard launch, but second I can almost dead hook. 0-60 6.1sec

Walt G

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25 miles SW of Chicago
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'12 Regal GS
Wavetrac did agree to sell me mine direct with no group buy, but I had to pay full suggested retail IIRC. But that was still cheaper than buying it from overseas from the one place that sells them (ironically named Regal Autosport... they have no idea what a Buick Regal is).

I did talk Wavetrac into 'free shipping' since I was paying full retail, so that helped a bit too.

According to my notes, they charged me $1095 in 2016. Regal Autosports says it is currently £1,152.00, which Google tells me is $1509, plus shipping to the U.S.

So the deal from Wavetrac was much better, even when I just bought one.

Good luck.


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'12 Regal GS 6MT
I'd be interested depending on price but also curious how it is better than a Quaife LSD. I used to be into watercooled VW's years ago and most people there swore by their Quaife. That was 10 years ago, maybe things have changed.
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