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Weird Sound When Auto/Stop or Vehicle Off


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Are you using heat now and weren’t before? You should only hear it when you have heat running during an auto stop.

Agreed. This is the only time the alien awakes for me. The sound is a fairly rare occurrence and not predictable. But it does seem to occur more when the engine temperature is warming up and close to normal operating temperature.

I can sometimes promote the start of the noise... When ASS is active, decrease the inside temperature setting (twisting temperature knob) to create demand for cold air. Then wait for the internal vent noises to stop and then twist the knob to create demand for heat. A handful of times, when I flip-flopped back and forth I was able to replicate the noise. Also, it's important to note that now I'm using exclusively heat daily, I don't hear it as much.

Of course, when I tried to replicate the sound with the technician in the car it didn't happen.

@Tourxwagon18 do you know for a fact they heard the beast? Or do you think they only heard the normal auxiliary fan noise?
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I have this noise sometimes as well. It's the auxillary pump. Bad design, but working as intended.
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