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What kind of Battery replacement for 2014 Verano


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I have a 2014 Buick Verano (Base model) bought in 2017 and I suspect it may have the original AC Delco Battery, but I cannot tell if there is a date on it.
What would be the appropriate AC Delco or (other brand equivalent) of the original battery to replace this with? Group size? CCA? RC?
Was the original battery a lead acid or AGM style?
Most of the driving with this car is in Pa, NJ, NY states.


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the original battery is lead acid and the owner manual says to refer to the label on the battery. The AC Delco site lists the replacement batteries at 615 CCA, 110 RC.
The Interstate Battery site shows group H6 and in addition to 615 has 730 and 760 CCA


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I just happened to have researched this for my 2013 Verano:

Group Size: 48 (H6 & L3 are other interchangeable battery group sizes, European?)
CCA: 615 (Minimum CCA, but bigger is always better when it comes to automotive batteries)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 11" x 6 15/16" x 7 1/2"

Lead Acid is what the OEM is.
I've never used an AGM battery. So won't weigh in on that,

I have become a "big fan" of Interstate Batteries over the last 20 years or so.
They are not "inexpensive", but sometimes you do get what you pay for.
I have never had one die prematurely.
Had a 72 month one time that was still working fine at 8 years of service.
But that was in an older vehicle that did not have the electrical demands that today's vehicles have.
Not sure when it finally died as I sold the vehicle with it still in it.
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