What model years to buy???

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Since the wifes work car an 2000 LeSabre has most of 300k on the clock I have been considering getting an Enclave to replace the 08 Lucerne for the family car and giving the wife the Lucerne as her work car. After looking through the posts here and on some other fourms I am wondering what model years I should even consider. Looks like anything from 08 or 09 is totally out of consideration but what year should a guy start looking at? Did the early gremlins get worked out by 10 or should I be looking to go newer and get something say 13 or 14. I was really excited about getting one but my excitement has fallen drastically after reading many of the posts on the forums about the Enclaves reliability I am hoping one of the later model years is better. What options should I be looking to get or to stay away from? Love the sunroof on my Lucerne but it sounds like they are a problem on the Enclaves. True or false? Would much prefer to get the premium package is it worth it?

What has been your experience with your Enclaves out there I am looking for as much insight good or bad as I can get. My experience with my Buicks has been nothing but top notch. My Lucerne has 112k on the clock and other than maintence I have spent $.00 on repairs and the 2000 LeSabre has been a good car as well despite my wifes hard driving.


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Buy one without a timing chain, oops isn't one, I would consider Handa, Toyota or anything that doesn't start with a B. No roof problems though.


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I had a 09 Traverse that had its share of problems. Traded for a 15 Enclave Premium that was 18 months old with 5000 miles. Going on 3 years of ownership and its been great. Not one problem. " knock on wood". When the time come to extend the warranty I Did. In my opinion you can't let these modern cars out of warranty because of the electronic. If you keep up with the maintenance on these car they will hold up. My Traverse had little problems that were my problem. No timing chain, no transmission problems.


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End of a generation such as 2017 is the most improved and will be mostly trouble free.