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What PSI do you run, on what tires?


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My new-to-me '16 LaCrosse came with Goodyear Eagle tires, and at 34K miles, seem to have good tread left. The door placard says 33 psi all around. On Saturday I aired them up to that and will get to the 60 psi for the spare shortly. But I'm curious: Do any of you increase or decrease the recommended psi, and if so, why? Does your practice boost your mpg or improve/degrade your ride quality?

Rich B.

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Even in ME on hot days can start out at 33PSI and end up maybe @ 38PSI. Nitrogen filled tires won’t fluctuate like that (green valve stem cap) but too much of a pain having to do that; air is pretty much free.

Other car is 35PSI cold but Pirelli’s; they don’t last very long and can’t use in cold weather.
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