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What to look for after fast brake/skid


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Not much to say: deer jumped out right in front of me on I-66. I was easily doing 70. Nowhere to go, there was a truck beside me in the left hand lane, so I braked. I'll be honest, this wasn't a very good piece of driving, it was a "panic brake" at high speed - brake pedal all the way to the floor, like the guy in "Goodfellas" when he's looking in the sky for the police helicopter. Car locked up and skidded right (thankfully - towards the shoulder), then corrected. Terrible smell of burning tires. I got away with it (and so did Bambi), but it wasn't good.

The LaCrosse seems to drive fine, brakes seem fine, I've checked the tires for flat spots and can't see any. I stopped at the next rest stop a couple of miles up the road and checked the car and waited for my heart-rate to go down a bit, then drove the 100 miles home. I can't feel any problems with the car's alignment. I thought afterwards that if I got away with this having wrecked the tires, I'd willingly take that compared to a high speed collision with a deer, but the tires seem OK, I guess I just took at least $20 off each one, though.

What else might I have damaged with this high speed braking? And is there anything I should look for? Thank you for your advice.


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What year car and how many miles on it ???

Car veering right or left when braking hard is a sign of the braking system not working uniformly.
Just regular wear and tear on the calipers, might need new ones.
Or maybe need new brake fluid and bleed the system.
Brake pads and/or rotors not wearing evenly on one side of the car.
Proportioning valve might need replacing.

I'm just throwing ideas out there.

If the car has rear drum brakes then they definitely need adjusting.

I've had deer cross me too many times. One time at night the deer jumped right in front and I had to swerve around it at 60+mph. Had the car totally sideways !!! and to this day I have no idea how I didn't hit that deer or how I straightened the car. Luckily there was no one else on the road besides me and the doe.

Brother hit a deer with his Verano within a few months of buying it new. luckily the brakes were strong enough that by the time he hit the deer the car was going 10mph and hit the deer in the hind.
Left some hair around the headlight. No damage !
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Good to miss them. One time on snow covered road; deer had to be crossing road of coarse; swerved, went sideways too and just clipped him with rear of car on recovery- was still running even.

What I really hate is when cars cross the line headed directly at you. Pays to hug ditch side and not drive on line or middle even; that few hundredth of a second is difference between head-on or running with 2 wheels in ditch side......

Well too with ABS, brakes aren’t supposed to completely lock up anyways. Would think components are just fine as long as not a daily habit dodging deer.... and those porcupines; could maybe perforate your tires?
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