Where is the fuel pump relay fuse? Or if anyone has any other advice on this issue...


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A year or so ago, my fuel pump went out. A mechanic I brought it to fixed it very cheaply, the issue was a grounding issue causing a fuse to blow repeatedly.

The problem has come buck, but I am having trouble finding the blown fuse. The fuel pump fuse in the fuse box is fine, so I want to check the "in line" fuse, but I can not find it. I have seen a diagram for it here: https://www.justanswer.com/uploads/goodwrench9124/2008-07-30_205126_buick_fuel_fuse.gif

but I just can not find the darn thing. Here is an actual image of the area I am looking in:
Also, I have an image of the wiring harness the mechanic replaced which was attached to the driver's side door last time(this was the grounding issue) if anyone knows anything about this?


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Lift the lid on the black box in bottom left of your first pic.
Fuse at position "2", relay at position "A"
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