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Why Does My iPhone 6 Ringer Volume Go to Minimum?


Silicon Valley CA
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2018 TourX Essence April 2018 Build Date
Every time I get into my 2018 TourX (April 2018 build date) and either use the accessory mode or start the engine, the ringer volume on my iPhone 6 is "automatically" reduced from "full on" to minimum. Why? This is the phone that is paired to the car via Bluetooth.


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My iPhone 5S does the same thing. In my case, I have an iPhone 5 plugged in, set to "Personal Hotspot", as I use that one for my Mobil apps. (I don't use OnStar). My i5 is linked to my i5S and when I start car, I can watch i5S ringer volume drop down. No problem as incoming calls through car rings loud. Only problem is that SOMETIMES, when I leave car, i5S ringer volume does not go back up.