Wiper blade opinions welcomed

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2012 Regal 2.0 Turbo Premium 3.

I live in MN so the wipers get a good workout. They go through freezing temps, to non freezing temps in the same day many times a year. Snow and Ice, etc...

I bought some Bosch Icon replacements in Jan 2018, and they were great, I thought. They leave a bit to be desired now 10-11 months later. Mostly on the outer edges.

Should I just expect to have to change them every fall? Is there something that could be done to the arms to strengthen the pressure all the way out?

Is there something better than Bosch Icons?

Thanks for any opinions.
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Road salt and weather conditions will trash wiper blades, I'm in Chicago so similar in that respect. Considering the minimal cost I replace both cars every year. If the car is exposed year round to elements heat and cold they will loose there flexibility, but cleaning the blades regularly and using a Rainx type product helps to. The worst time to find out you need new blades is when you need them the most, not a good time LOL.

The type of blade design will also make a difference as it needs to be contact with the glass. Some may apply more pressure in the center as others will be equally spread across.
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