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I leased a '16 Encore with the 2 year Buick Experience program which included 2 years of XM. But it shut off in 90. Called XM they said I was only on a trial subscription. Then I called GM Finance, they knew less but one thing they did know it was not their responsibility because it wasn't written in my lease. Afterwards I called Buick customer service, Ally was helpful during the 40 minutes on hold while they researched this. Ally said she was in-touch with my dealer (Bob's Buick in Milford CT) who is now responsible for figuring out who screwed me. In 30 minutes my salesman called me and said that he agreed that this was a terrible mistake. It would be fixed but could take up to a week while they determine why the "Buick Experience" code was input incorrectly by GM Finance. I'm noticing the circular path I'm taking back to GM Finance who was "not responsible".

Anyway if you've read this far, thank you.
My questions is has anybody had this problem and has anybody had it resolved??
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