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Yet another "Service Pedestrian Protection" thread


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Hey all,

Today, while I was cruising along on the freeway on my home from work, about 30 minutes into my commute, the "Service Pedestrian Protection" warning popped up apropos of nothing. I pressed OK and the warning disappeared.

When I got home, I shut the car off and restarted. The warning showed again.

I haven't hit anything. No crazy potholes. The hood is flush and opens/closes completely normally. The pyrotechnic poppers look brand new and haven't gone off. It just shows me the warning now every time I start it.

Anybody have this happen to them? Is there a way to just disable that, like with a resistor or something? I really don't want to have to miss work just to drop it off at a dealer.
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I'm guessing it'll be like a problem I had with a seat airbag on one of my cars. All the dealer did was plug in their diagnostic tool to see which item was causing the problem and then they just re-seated the connector to ensure a good connection, cleared the fault and all was good.

You can probably re-seat the connector your self but the fault will most likely need clearing by someone with a diagnostic tool.

In the future I see a lot of people will likely fit a resistor/capacitor network in place of the actuator to avoid having to replace these sensors when they actuate/fail.
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I would also recommend reseating wire connections.

If you have a scan tool you may be able to reset the error message. I had some errors that AutoZone picked up which my scan tool couldn't reset. (For a different reason not pedestrian related)

Ultimately, I had to remove the negative terminal on the battery for a few minutes and that successfully reset everything.