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I assume you are a tech or otherwise have info available to you that us civilians do not.
Thanks for sharing, it is appreciated.
Do you have any opinion of aftermarket tunes such as Trifecta, etc.
That 6 year 70K warranty sure would be null and void.
LTG motors, are they dependable?
They sure run a lot of BMEP & boost. seem a little more stessed and involved than a Small block Chevy.


Thanks but not a tech just someone who's had a lot of automotive industry experience. Im not a tuner but Trifecta seems to be a soild company, others have had good success and are honest enough to say that a tune may void the warranty.
The LTG seems to be a well made motor and able to handle the additional mods, but like running anything at peak all the time may have issue later or the rest of the drive train.
Hello polarzak, I read a post where you had a Lucerne with the factory chrome wheels and you replaced them due to the flaking/peeling. What did you replace them with? I'm looking at a 2007 with those wheels and I'm trying to determine what my options are if I buy it. Thanks
Sorry Mad_Max for this late reply and you probably already made your decision. Don't get here much anymore. I replaced my chrome wheels with RTX brand. All kinds of different styles.