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Rich, What did you finally end up doing after the 2019 spark plug posts? Did you go iridium, or only change plug wires? Catch us up!

I assume you are a tech or otherwise have info available to you that us civilians do not.
Thanks for sharing, it is appreciated.
Do you have any opinion of aftermarket tunes such as Trifecta, etc.
That 6 year 70K warranty sure would be null and void.
LTG motors, are they dependable?
They sure run a lot of BMEP & boost. seem a little more stessed and involved than a Small block Chevy.


Thanks but not a tech just someone who's had a lot of automotive industry experience. Im not a tuner but Trifecta seems to be a soild company, others have had good success and are honest enough to say that a tune may void the warranty.
The LTG seems to be a well made motor and able to handle the additional mods, but like running anything at peak all the time may have issue later or the rest of the drive train.
Hey man, I have a set of the 19” and want the 20” I can arrange freight both ways
Let’s work something out.
My name is Corey
Email: matsurocka@gmail.com
Or if you want you can text me at(214) 985-4118
Hello Rich.

I hope you and Lisa are doing well.

How did you find me? I don't do fakebook or any other social media sites.

Hit me with and email or call me on the phone. chuxter36@aol.com

609-477-9069 EST
Hey the raven! I have a 2011 Buick Lacrosse with the base model stereo. I want to upgrade to intellilink. I don't need GPS just intellilink. I already bought the stereo, screen, and I found a twinax cable. Do I need anything else? The screen won't turn on. But the stereo makes noise. Any help would me much appriciated. Thank you!!
Any chance you are Chuck Pillik. If so this is Rich Kotch. I just bought a new 2017 LaCrosse and joined this message board and came across your posts. Send me a reply if it’s you.
I love it! It handles really nicely, although i would like to put some better tires on it, and play with the exhaust at some point. I am a girl btw :)
Windshield and windshield wiper issue. I have replaced my wipers 3 times since Dec. 10, 2017 because they seem to scrub the windshield. I have cleaned the windshield multiple times with different products such as Windex, soapy water, watered down vinegar and Rainx. I have cleaned the wipers with different products, yet the product still exist almost immediately or shortly after using them for a few minutes. Also, my windshield front and back fogs up so easily. I constantly checking, adjusting the temperature & turning the defroster on. This takes away from enjoying the car. I live in Atlanta, GA so most of the time it's not very cold. I almost do not want to drive when it rains. Any advise on these 2 issues?
Hi Roblox84, Sorry, I just saw this. If you can afford it, get the extra set. This car (All wheel drive) is awesome in the snow, then throw snow tires on it, forget about it. It's almost as good as my 4X4 RAM 1500. After 3 winters, my rims are starting to pit. Which means I'll be plasti dipping them this summer. I'm just not finding that "All Season" tires are that good in snow. Around here (Michigan) our roads are horrible, I'd never drive around in the winter with 20" wheels. With the 18" wheels, you can tell a difference in the ride. Plus the extra side wall absorbs the road better than my 19's.
Have a 2011lacrosse Cox. The passenger sideHID headlight is out. Replaced bulb, checked fuses(good), replaced ballast (used seller said it was good) still no headlight. DIc has two messages check low beam and service AFL. Need help.
Hello All,

2011 Enclave owner here looking for any help with windshield washer motor and washer problems. A couple of days ago both the windshield wipers and the windshield washer stopped working. Checked all fuses, even those you need to be a contortionist to get and they are all good, I checked for power at the motor and confirmed there is about 12 volts with multi-meter. Before I go and begin the process of taking apart the dash to check the switch can anyone help me with advice as to another route to try or is the switch probably the issue.
Thanks in advance for any helpful information,
I know this is a closed thread and others have inquired, but I was wondering if I could get a copy or download of the Buick Rendezvous shop manual or the location of the o2 sensors?