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Buick Century Model Information

Production Numbers, Horsepower ratings and Torque figures for the Buick Century

If you're researching to buy a used Buick Century and want unbiased opinions from owners and enthusiasts, please see our Buick Century forum. There you can read thousands of thoughts, criticisms, opinions and more - and/or even share your own...

In 1936 Buick renamed it's Model 60 to Century. From 1936 to 1942 the Century was powered by a 320 cubic inch V8 producing 165 horsepower. It was the fastest Buick of it's time capable of a sustained speed of 100 miles per hour. It was referred to as the "Banker's Hotrod". It wasn't exactly selling well and was discontinued in 1942.

1954 saw the re-introduction of the Buick Century with a smaller, lighter body and a 322 cubic inch V8 engine producing 200 horsepower. A station wagon Century was also available. In 1955 power rose to 236 horsepower. In 1956 power rose to 255 horsepower. For 1957 and 1958 a 364 cubic inch 6.0 liter V8 was available with 300 horsepower. In 1959 Buick renamed the Century to Invicta.

In 1973 the Buick Century returned and shared platforms with the the Grand Prix, Lemans, GTO, Can Am, Grand Am and Cutlass Supreme. It was available with two and four barrel versions of the 350 cubic inch V8 - one with 150 horsepower and the other with 175. It was also available with a 7.5 liter 455 cubic inch V8 with 255 horsepower. In 1975 a 3.8 liter 231 cubic inch V6 was available with 110 horsepower.

In 1978 the Buick Century was downsized with a four inch shorter wheelbase and weighed about a half ton less than the previous model. the 231 Buick V6 and Chevrolet 305 liter V8 were available. The Chevy engine was later replaced by either a Pontiac 265 liter V6 or 301 liter V8.

For 1979 and 1980 you could buy a Buick Century Turbo Coupe powered by a turbocharged 231 cubic inch 3.8 liter V6 which offered V8-like performance when pushed but excellent fuel economy otherwise. Less than 2500 Turbo Coupes were produced.

In 1982 another downsizing came along and this time it moved to front wheel drive. A 181 cubic inch 3.0 liter V6 was available with 110 horsepower and a 3.8 liter sequential fuel injected 231 cubic inch V6 with 150 horsepower was available for the Century T-Type. 1989 saw a minor refresh and 1992 brought along a facelift.

The last Buick Centurys in recent times, the sixth generation, were available from 1997 through 2005. It was only available as a sedan. It was powered by a 3.1 liter V6. By now the suspension was extremely soft, making for a very comfortable ride, but many younger people would continue to look at other vehicles in the segment with a sportier ride. The Buick Century was replaced by the Buick LaCrosse...

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