radio not turning off when door is opened

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I have to believe that it is both physically positioned differently and a logic function (probably in the Driver's Door Module), otherwise 'Door Ajar' would be displayed anytime a door was open, rather than a warning function of a door not fully closed.

I was able to obtain the retained accessory function for the radio (it's actually built into the radio, just commanded 'off' by the bus system) and a fully function security system by using the 'Dome' input only as a trigger for a door being opened when I transplanted the radio from a 2005 LeSabre Limited.

Orig Knobs.JPG

Of course, it also took the DIM (Dash Integration Module), IPM (Instrument Panel Integration Module) , DDM (Driver's Door Module, RIM (Rear Interface Module), XM Radio Module (some weird acronym for it) and RCDLR (Remote Control Door Lock Receiver) to get fully functional with keyless remote entry (Driver 1 and 2 also).
It was $70 and a fun project, and I like the looks of the radio in my Caprice.
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Assuming it's like others, it's a delay to leave the radio on without having the lights go on before leaving the car. Clever way of tricking the system, sort of lol. In order to find out how they are stacked someone who has replaced it may know the wires on the switch, or yank the door panel and look.
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CorvairGeek, nice installation job. A labor of love, I am sure!

I think you're right about the two door latch switches (Door Ajar and Dome) being located in different places.

Maybe the Door Ajar switch operates when the latch is released with the door still closed, and the Dome switch operates when the door latch clears the catch on the frame when the door is opened.

Does anybody know?
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