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2020 Regal Sportback/TourX - What's New


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I have a 2020 Regal on order as well, it has been built, Thursday August 29th 11:50 a.m., but is still sitting at 3450 status, so "Import vehicle produced" but awaiting shipment from port of origin.

@SS-Stealth, I thought they didn't get a VIN number until they hit stateside, i.e. status 3800, after import vehicle is received at port of entry? Do you know the status number on your build?
I have no idea of status but I hope you are right about the VIN. If that is the case, it means mine is already on continent! If you have access to other tools I don't, punch in W04GU8SX5L1007627 and let me know what you learn.


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Sad to say I think you are right....I don't see the Regal surviving to 2021 unless there is a drastic turnaround in sales(not likely at all).
Opel ends their relationship with Onstar in 2020 and will not be building cars with Onstar after that. Onstar seems like it would be pretty hardware specific. Being that GM is heavily invested in it here I would imagine after Open and Onstar are done if there is a Regal of any kind in the US after 2020 it won't be built by Opel in Germany.
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