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ABS light / Service Stabilitrak


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2010 Buick Lacrosse CXL
I was told by a dealership this was a KNOWN issue with the wiring harness on the front wheels and would cost me close to $500 PER WHEEL to fix. I have reported this to safercar.gov as a safety issue since it disables traction control and ABS. This website is for the NHTSA. I think if enough of us report this problem, then Buick will be forced to issue a recall, especially if they claim it's a "KNOWN ISSUE!"

Al Dente

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Here's my experience with Stabilitrak and ABS lights coming on in my 2010 Lacrosse CXL.

After about 45K miles both lights would come on and stay on until I turned off the engine. Each time I started the car the lights would not be on but after I drove a little they would go on and stay on until I turned off the engine. After a couple days of this, I started the car and without moving it, turned the steering wheel from one extreme to the other and the lights came on. So then I restarted the car, no lights were on, I reached behind the left front wheel and wiggled the sensor cable then checked the instrument panel, no lights came on. I did the same thing with the right wheel and the lights came on. Apparently the right cable went bad from years of flexing when the steering wheel is turned and suspension moves. Even though the break of contact within the cable was intermittent, one break of contact would turn on the warning lights and they will stay on until the engine is turned off.

I ordered a new cable (sensor is attached to cable) online for about $18. Installation was easy after I removed the wheel, and no more warning lights.

I was lucky that my problem was intermittent, starting up with no warning lights on, otherwise I would not be able to determine which cable was bad and whether I had a bigger problem.

Unfortunately, unless you can find the problem yourself, you have to trust your mechanic to diagnose the problem and do an honest repair. All four wheels have a cable that could go bad. It is very easy to put the blame on hub assemblies for hundreds of dollars when the real problem is an $18 cable.


I had a service stabilitrak message appear along with a constant ABS light yesterday. My father had the same issue with his LAX and he had to have all 4 WSS's replaced. Anybody else have any experience with this? Also, hopefully this would be covered under the drivetrain warranty, correct? Thanks!
I have a 2014 La Crosse my car did the same thing last week, but for me this was the fourth time since I purchased the car, each time something had to be replaced, seems like a weakness in their design.


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We had one failure on front passenger wheel after stopping on wet leaves; dealer fixed on warranty. 2013 eAssist Lacrosse.

A few feet of wires to abs sensors on front wheels went bad on older Regal and Rendezvous. Just cut and soldiered some patch wire for free and no issues. Per above comments that might be a solution for some failures on the Lacrosse.

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I have had so many problems with my 2013 Buick. I have had sooo many problems with this car it breakdown with something different every month now this stabilitrac thing is going on the 1st time it brock down it cost me 250 . the cadylic converter 500. Now this possible 500 ...Buick reallly !!!


Well, I can say that I am truly disappointed in Buick and General Motors. After multiple phone calls, messages etc, I come to find out I must pay full price to have this repair done. My car has 62,000 miles on it. The thing that really irks me is that this repair (parts and labor) would cost GM under $200, because of their ridiculous markup on parts and labor, but it will be costing be $475.00, paying full rate and markup on parts and labor. In my business when something goes wrong, I stand behind my product, even if it is out of warranty. I have owned 4 Buicks before this car, and this will be my last one. I am very disappointed in the way this situation was handled. And to top it off, the reason this part failed, was due to Buick being cheap, and placing the reluctor ring on the outside of the hub. They should have owned up, replaced the part, and took care of it. I really can't say that I am surprised. Hopefully this will help some of you in the future. And just so everyone understands, it’s not the money that I care about, it’s the principle.:mad:
I'm with you. The very first car I owned was a Buick in 84. Ironically, the very last Buick I will ever own is a 2014. First car was decent, no big problems, this car has been headache after headache. It has been in the shop 5 times in the past 3 years. RR wheel bearing, LR wheel bearing, fuel pump, AC condenser, Belt Idler pulley, on and on. Now I'm having issues with Stabilitrak/ABS... never again Buick, you can bet on that!