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Disable the Engine stop at Stop-light


Buick Newbie
Yes. Just ensure you connect leads to the grounding rod and positive terminal on the battery.

Connecting both leads to the battery can ruin the battery sensor and backfeed the system. I have heard of some control modules being fried because of this, totally bricking a vehicle. Look at the manual...
Shouldn't it be at that grounding rod and the "remote" positive terminal (not directly to the battery terminal)?


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2018 Buick Regal TourX
I had to jump my car the other day. I hadn't moved it in about two weeks and it just barely didn't have the power to turn it over. I found that grounding lug pretty easily when looking around for a spot to attach a ground. I'm glad to know it's the official spot. It was absolutely the easiest spot to use.
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