Edited: What Are Your Favorite TourX Surprises?


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What sunglass holder? My Essence has an unmovable plate over what is a sunglass holder area, however I have the moon roof and figured that must get in the way of a working sunglass holder???? I should pop it off to see whats under there.
No roof in mine, so I'd guess the moonroof models don't have it. Bummer. Maybe you can mod it, though.


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So is there a manual/mechanical override if the sunroof is stuck open or are we SOL (like the fuel filler door)?


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No roof in mine, so I'd guess the moonroof models don't have it. Bummer. Maybe you can mod it, though.
One thing I never had any use for was a grab handle on the driver's side (although on RHD models, I guess that would be the passenger side and, therefore, useful!). In my old 2003 Passat wagon, you could buy a sunglasses holder to replace the grab handle. I wonder if there is a similar option with the Insignia. Also looks like there are "universal" ones on ebay, although color and fit would be questionable.

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1. Okay - so I traded in my faithful RDX after 12 easy years of ownership for an '18.5 TourX on Friday. Thanks everyone here for the great info, and to our forum sponsor - I'm gonna take out a membership for at least a year. Essence in Smoked Pearl Metallic.

I was detailing it yesterday and noticed something very interesting in my left front cupholder. Was gonna post a pic but didn't want to spoil the surprise. Does anyone else notice anything interesting in the bottom of that cupholder? Why is it there? Any clues? I'm guessing it's an Opel thing, but maybe someone else can shed some light on it.

2. What are your favorite TourX surprises? Above is one of my mine. Also, man but I love the night lighting in my TourX interior. Wow. I didn't know a car could look that cool on the inside. Super impressed with the great job GM did on this ride. I hope they keep making them. Even if not, right now sure is the perfect time to get one.
I was probably not paying attention when I was shown this, but the illuminated Buick emblem under the rear hatch for hand-free opening. (I think this is an Essence only feature.)
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