New Grand National like this please!


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I personally will settle for nothing short of a 3.8 liter Buick 3800 series 3 (4?) V6 with twin turbochargers, VVT, DI, whatever other gofast acronyms they use these days that all basically just mean that the engine adjusts itself based on performance demands of the specific driving situation rather than running with inefficient "always on" performance technologies 100% of the time, most of which is just a waste of fuel and potential.... Stuck under the hood of a tastefully-designed rear wheel drive coupe that offers modern styling with an essential shout-out to the classic GN/X, hopefully in the form of a kick-ass 1980s looking decklid spoiler. And Louvers. Not sure which window they should be in, but at least one of them needs Louvers.

Of course my personal wet dream would be if they made it in a stick shift version... But that would be breaking from tradition, unfortunately, so I'd have to settle for a nice, smooth-shifting, 10-speed dual clutch tranny with paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

Basically the image I'm getting in my head is something oddly reminiscent of the current generation Nissan GT-R, and with that powertrain I mentioned, would actually have basically the same displacement as the GT-R, and around the same engine performance potential... Heck, slap an advanced torque-vectoring AWD system under the thing and it'd practically be a clone, not just a competitor... Still, my mental image is a damn sexy car, and one I'd be mighty proud to own, drive, and to know that I purchased it from an American company, and that (hopefully) it was domestically manufactured by a highly trained team of good ol' Detroit, Michigan union shop auto workers, right here in the US of A, not too far from where it all started... Am I right? I mean... A lot of those Japanese auto makers seem to take many of their styling hints from classic American muscle, so I don't really see it as being entirely far-fetched to think that the Nissan GT-R may have been inspired by the GNX or even the Monte Carlo. Makes a whole lotta sense, really....
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