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Opel Part Numbers for your Sport Tourer


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Sent you an email about front and rear badges for my car without ACC and look forward to hearing back soon!

It wouldn't let me PM since I'm new to the fourum and i's not clear how long it takes or how many posts I may need in order to be able to do so.

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What else do you lie to your girlfriend about? :ROFLMAO:
It's not called lying when it comes to women, LOL. Oh and calling a Buick an Opal to your buds is not...It's all a game and done in fun. In my teenage years pulled off my Bicane 409 badges and replaced with 283...I guess I'm just a BAD SEED


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Do those Euro headrests flip up for use or are they also in that position and just move up and down like the American ones?
They do not flip. The pull up and push down. They have 2 detents on the posts to fix positions besides the lowest position.


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Mine arrived today, different part numbers if you have the Sportback model; 3908004 (x2) in 'Oxford Beige' (Opel colour code TASO).
View attachment 19053
They look much better, without impeding the rear view as much. Would you mind to share a ballpark figure how much they run?
One thing concerns me though, are they crash compliant for North American market?


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Headrest(s) are 138.16 Euro each, shipping added another 27.95 Euro from Original Car Parts (Netherlands). Also splurged for the official Opel grille hole plug (39090234) at 6.15 Euro.

As far as being crash compliant for the USA--don't know; but 1) I haven't had a back seat passenger for over 30 years, and 2) I find that the European safety regulations are strict enough to dismiss any concerns I may have (even if I was the backseat passenger).
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I like the sound of that.....much cheaper than replacing the whole grille.

I have the caps and the rear badge but still need to figure out the front grille....
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It’s kind of funny to me that folks in Australia rebadge their Holden VE/VF Commodores as Chevrolets (just as I rebadged my Chev SS to Holden). Wonder if they’re doing the same with the ZB Commodore?

Yeah it used to happen quite a bit with rebadging here, more so on the VE/VF and even earlier VZ. I was lucky enough as an Apprentice Electrician back in the day to contract to Holden when they were building export Commodores, Monaro's and Statesmen's. They were crazy times and a lot of guys were grabbing the export badges off the line. Owning a ZB is quite unique for us as its the Last Holden to be produced and the first to be made overseas.. The Commodore name has its critics in the ZB..
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