1. Disable forced DRL (Canada)

    I want to disable my forced DRLs on 2011 Buick Regal (German) purchased in Canada. Right now the "AUTO", Parking light, and Headlight option keeps everything on even if you switch it back to "power" and it spring back to AUTO. Covering the dome sensor does nothing, Disconnecting the some sensor...
  2. 1991 Regal Custom Antenna Location

    1991 Regal Custom Antenna Location? I know the power antenna and connecters are in the trunk, but where does the antenna wire run to? Its not in back of the factory radio? If I put an aftermarket radio in it - wheres the antenna to plug into it?
  3. 91 Regal 2dr 3.8L - Possible 5 speed swap?

    Well I picked up a beautiful Regal Custom Last week. But I broke the center console into pieces somehow. GM obviously discontinued all the parts. But I got to thinking - Is it possible to 5 speed swap this car?
  4. Turbo "not working"?

    So today I drove to the mall and my 2011 Regal T02 drove perfectly fine. Its 30 Celcius out today (86 Fahrenheit) however that has never been a problem before. When I was on my way home, things were fine, and then all of a sudden when trying to accelerate the RPM almost redlined and then shifted...
  5. 1995 Buick regal recharging A/C

    As I go to recharge the A/c on my Buick regal, I can't seem to find the spot where I attach the nozzle. I'm just doing a simple recharge on it and don't want to pay out the ass. If anyone can describe where it's at, that would be of great help. Perhaps a video or picture showing where i can...
  6. Hood replacement options?

    Will a 1998 Buick Regal hood fit a 1999 Buick Regal Gs? Also what other model hoods would fit my 1999 Buick Regal GS? I was wondering because I'd like to replace my hood it would save me a paint job.
  7. fuel gauge, seats, and more

    Hi all, i have a few questions about a 2001 regal ls, that im sure some of you know the answer to. 1-fuel gauge reads empty or full. level sensor maybe? anyone can confirm or provide an alternate solution? 2-does anyone know if the front seats (driver and passenger) are mounted on the same...
  8. Trifecta tune and auto insurance.

    My auto insurance provider asked me when I purchased the vehicle if I had any modifications such as intake, exhaust, or computer software changes. Did any of you let your insurance company know so they could charge you a few extra hundred dollars per year? Really, the only time I can see them...
  9. GM Splash Guards

    I found these accessories for the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia / Chevrolet Vectra. Splash Guards - Molded (front) Catalog Number 17 18 332 Part Number 32026218 Splash Guards - Molded (rear) Catalog Number 17 18 333 Part Number 32026219 Does anyone think they would work on the 2011 Regal (German build)?
  10. Buick Regal GS Commercial
  11. 2 New Regals lots of issues

    I purchased two Regals this year one in April and the second in October. It has not been the greatest experience. I will say the dealership is not at fault and has been very helpful. My first Regal was the regular version with package 5(Germany) which includes the nice audio and a sunroof...
  12. SOLUTION: All weather floor mats won't snap down to floor

    I purchased the 2011 Regal (Opel model) about two months ago and had all weather floor mats thrown in with it (They came two weeks later). These mats however, have problems being mounted to the floor mounts. There are two plastic holes on the front floor mats that "snap" on to the floor...
  13. Buick Regal/Regal GS: Performance Car with Luxury

    General Motors introduced the first Buick Regal in the year 1973. Now it has been re-introduced as an upscale sport sedan and the new Buick Regal vehicles are actually the fifth generation cars from GM. The modern version is a four door mid size sedan that can seat five passengers. The layout is...
  14. '98 Buick Century Engine Swap

    I have a '98 Buick Century & my engine is locked up. I want to put in a different motor & I'm down to either the 3.8 supercharged motor from a buick regal or the 3800 series II. My question is, in anyone's opinion, which motor is the better choice & will they fit?
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