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Black intellilink screen


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I have a 2016 Buick Regal T. The screen went out, took it in to the garage and I have to replace the radio and screen. Not covered under warranty. If there is so many problems with these screens why isn't there a recall? Especially that it is not any fault of my own? I have only owned the car for 10 months!


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Yeah... Problems with these screens and the software behind them is widespread GM problem.
I have an Aunt with a 2017 Caddy CTS (17,000 miles). She just had to have it replaced and while she was at the dealership another customer was having his replaced in a 2018 Silverado. I also follow the Buick Encore forum and see some of the same reporting.


Same thing happing to me and my 2015 Buick Encore. Yesterday the screen seemed to lag and now today it won't turn on at all, black and it will flash white every 10 seconds or so


Buick 2016 regal, 3 times screen has blanked out plus back up camera notification of needed servicing???


Step 1. Check Fuses.
Owners Manual: Section 10-30 Vehicle Care, Page-273
Instrument Panel Fuse Block:
Located in passenger compartment, driver side, lower left of steering column. (See Page 273 for location).
Check Fuse #'s 4, 5, and 18, and maybe some others.... (See page 274 for fuse identification/location).
Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a fuse is blown or defective.
If your not sure, then replace it. They're cheap.

If the fuses are ok....

Step 2. Reboot the car....
Disconnect the Negative (Black) cable from the car battery.
Wait a few minutes (10 - 15).
Hook Negative battery cable back up.
Start Car.
Hopefully the screen comes back to life.

If that doesn't work, the car will probably need to be checked to see if it is throwing any error codes.
Hopefully you will get some codes that will indicate what the problem is.

If not.... then your probably going to have to take it to a repair shop or a dealership.
I would be more inclined to take it to a dealership, unless you know of a reputable independent shop that is good with electrical gremlins.

And the saga of dying Infotainment Screens continues...
I will avoid going into my rant on how I really, really dislike LCD control/infotainment screens in ALL cars!!

This makes me nervous, as I also have a 2013 with similar miles.

Good Luck and let us know how you fare...
thank you! this reboot worked for me!!
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