Sunroof/Sun Shade problems?


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Hello, everyone. I own a 2011 Lacrosse. The sunroof began acting up today. When I go to close it, it tilts/pops back open again. Each time you go to close it, it tilts/pops back open again.

Also, sunroof/sun shade will not fully close any more. It will only close half way.

Yes, I will be taking it back to the dealer for service, just wondering if anyone had a similar problem and what they found? Thanks.

I have a 2010 - bought it new - the other day my shade failed to close all the way. It's hot and sunny where I live. Hate the heat and sun pouring in.

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Posts go back a few years. Sounds like a reprogram is in order for open/close limits (only what I know from here). My Boss Mustang however lowers and raIses door glass maybe 1/2" to release and seal gaskets each time it's open-closed (no upper door frame). This feature can get jumbled and relearn is required (note photo, shows what I'm saying).image.jpeg
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my problem is that when I hit the button to close the shade it does, however, when it hits the fully shut position it reels back several inches and then stops again
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I think I locked the sunroof, with the initial procedure. it worked for the shade. I can still control it. but its more of a manual control where if I hold the button on the 1st indent the shade open and closes, but the roof wont open. I tried the first indent option on the roof. fowards and backwards. No results. has anyone removed the fuse or battery to see if it works.
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