Sunroof/Sun Shade problems?


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1995 Park Avenue
Hi - I have a '95 Park Avenue Ultra. The sunroof opens (has the express open feature) just fine. When I go to close it, you keep the switch pressed forward, however, it will not stop in the closed position. It immediately pops up into the vent position. Then, when you go to close it from the vent position, it closes and then immediately slides back to fully open. I can close it but its a matter of carefully and quickly pressing the switch back and forth, and its very frustrating as you can imagine because you have to toggle the switch ever so carefully to get the sunroof to the closed position. I have seen some of the "reset" instructions - but is there one specific to this model? or is it something else?

gwen gilmore

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2017 Buick Lacrosse
2017 buick lacrosse, got the shade to operate from your directions but the glass sunroof still don't open. please help


LOL! Sorry for your bad luck. Sounds like someone is in need for a "reprogram"? Let us know how that works out. It only took about 5 minutes. I don't want to jinx myself, but so far so good with mine. I will keep everyone posted. Take care.
Can I reprogram it myself


Sorry guys I thought it would be faster to just email me, I haven't been on the board since my last post. I'm not an owner, my interest is only the sunroof.

There are multiple issues that could come up with the sunroof that I might be able to help with so let me know the details of what you are experiencing.

It seems the most common issue in warranty is the roller blind only wanting to close half way. In this case you need to reset the GLASS motor.

Steps are:
With the glass panel in the closed position, hold the glass button in the close direction only to the first detent (first dent is about half way, if you press the button all the way in it won't work). Hold the button at the first detent for 15 seconds, the glass motor should reset.

Now try to close the blind with that button and it should work normally.
omg your amazing just fixed mine


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Yes did it my self . Thanks. I made sure it was closed both roof and shade. Turned the key just to a on position. Hold the close botton for 15 sec . And hit the open button it open. Man I was relieved.
My shade won't close so how do I reprogram? Currently I can only open the glass to the vent position and not the full open position, I am afraid to tinker around in case it gets stuck in the open position!


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Okay here’s my moonroof on a 2016 Envision opened on its open, I purchased extended warranty when I bought this out on a lease....the dealer said the motor got wet. And burned out, causing the window Togo back and that caused problems with the tracking....caused by clogged drain holes...I swear that window hasn’t been opened 6 times since I had the vehicle....oh, not covered by insurance due to being caused by water....I don’t get it.
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