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Trifecta Install, Black Friday 2020


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Insignia Sports Tourer 260 4x4
@300T Thanks for the enlightening info on the 8 speed limiters.

I would really be curious if the 8 speed we got is identical to the EU version. They seemed to change enough on the US spec cars that I'm skeptical. I would also want to hyper confirm that flashing this EU stuff won't brick a US spec TCU and ECU.

You are very welcome and yes, I totally agree that it is possible that US bound cars received a different TCU tune, and for your sake I hope that's true.

What I find interesting is I only seem to read of TourX owners singing the praises of the highway performance, and even after a tune, several reviews mention performance low down had not changed, which points to those TCU limiters.

I run a Trifecta tune myself, installed without any installation issues and I completely agree with those comments that believe it makes little if any difference in the 0-60 increment, which is sadly where most of my own driving is conducted and where I was hoping to feel the biggest improvement.

The tune itself is great, my car runs just fine and it pulls well once up in those higher gears, which aligns with the unlimited torque in 5th and 6th and unlimited PS in 7th and 8th, as identified by EDS here in Europe but when I'm not on the highway, which is most of the time, it does not feel like a car with 290 PS and circa 430 Nm. I carried out a data log for Trifecta after reinstalling the software and they confirmed everything was spot on.

Out of interest I took a look at the stats for the BMW 530I Touring Xdrive, which is comparable to an Insignia/TourX in pretty much every way but price. The 530i is a large wagon with a 4 cyl 2.0T making 245 BHP, 350 Nm, 8 speed auto, AWD and 90kg heavier than the Insignia 260 4x4 wagon. Factory 0-62 is 6.3 sec for the BMW (verified by owners) and 7.5 sec for the Insignia (sadly also verified by owners at 7.5-7.6 sec). The Insignia is not only circa 90kg lighter but it has slightly more power and 50 Nm more torque, so something is responsible for it to be around 1.3 sec slower. 🤔

It would be interesting to see what sort of times are achieved by TourX owners when the weather starts to warm up as low 6s would point to different TCU software.
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