biggest complaint about your LaCrosse


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2012 Buick lacrosse
I love my 2012 lacrosse! Trunk swich took a crap shortly after owning it but everything works till it doesn't. I was upset about water damage thru cabin filter on a crazy rain that had me in garage for 12hr removing all interior and cleaning and reinstalling but learned on my steep driveway to back car in. I do have to say the V6 has alot of balls and moves very well when u ask of it. My biggest gripe is the cheap puddle lights I put in look like shit after 2yrs. That's on me tho. $20 for 2 or $70 for 2 I went cheap. You get what u pay for and I paid for a Buick and got a sexy comfortable ride that moves quickly when asked. In comparison to my Lincoln is another story that I wont bore anyone with but I have to say I love my Buick along with the rest of my cars. Unfortunately there are alot of lacrosse Buicks in Chicago but I have different rims than the rest so mine gets alot of compliments besides the fact that I tend to try to keep all my rides fresh and clean. Dumb ? But keep in mind I'm new is there a pic area on this forum? I would really like to see other ppls Buicks.


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LaCrosse, first gen
I have the first gen LaCrosse ... a 2008 to be exact.

I like it a lot but I do have some complaints.

First, almost all of the problems I've had have been with suspension and electrical components, just like the Consumer Reports (colored dots) system shows.

I've had to replace an intermediate steering shaft and finally did the all-in-one struts all the way around. In terms of electrical, I've had the following go out: low beams, door lock actuators, a few lights on the dash, and my recent ABS/Traction Control sensor and another sensor reading. My Series III 3800 V6 hasn't been as tight with oil consumption as was the Series I 3800 V6 in my last car. That one remained full until the next oil change. This one requires adding a little bit of oil, but at least it's staying constant.

In terms of cosmetics and creature comforts, I like most things but don't like the lack of a light under the hood, the lack of a keyed trunk lock (GP had it in 2004, but disappeared in 2005), and I don't like the fabric in the seats. First, it was only available as a pale gray or a pale tan. Then, while the main inserts have a pattern, the rest of the seats look like mouse fur ... a lot of mouse fur. It seems very durable, though. My '92 had nice ribbed upholstery in the seating area with more velour-like sides and they held up just fine for almost 300,000 miles.

What I like most is the seating position and configuration, the fit and finish (compared to more entry-level GM brands W-bodies), and the visibility in the 2005-2009 model. It goes without saying that I really like the power train. That's why I swooped down and bought one before the design was changed and the price went up.