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Buick Regal Sports Tourer project


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2018 Tour x
I've had the springs for about a month now. Ride is slightly firmer, but more European now. I do notice that there has been a couple of times the front shocks have hit the bump stops on larger hits. Not sure if the stops should be shortened a bit. The car looks really good at the current ride height and overall I'm very happy. The sidewalls of the Conti's are super soft as well. I'm running my stock tires at 38 lbs. The suspension is much happier now. I think the sidwall flex was almost bouncing the car more with the soft springs. Once I ran the higher pressures the car smoothed out. Food for thought.
More info please. Did you do the install yourself or hire it out? How long did it take? Or how many labor hours? Could we see a pic? I've seen RoRi's w/out cladding and larger wheels...curious what lowering only looks like. Thanks!
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