1. super or turbo

    I'm thinking of improving the performence of my 1998 Buick LeSabre custom and im wondering which would be better to use a supercharger or a turbocharger?
  2. Shopping - Verano T vs Regal GS

    I'm pretty sure this issue has been discussed at length before, and I'll admit, I have probably read every piece of review/comparison/shootout media there is, but coming to a final conclusion is tough. I'm certainly on the fence between the GS and the Verano Turbo. Both are (of course): 2.0L...
  3. Verano Turbo Boost Guage

    Verano Turbo Boost Gauge Has anyone added a turbo boost gauge to their Verano turbo? The car should have one from the factory! :(
  4. Regal Turbo Gas Mileage

    Hi there. Can all of you Regal Turbo 2011+ owners post your fuel type, driving routine and mpg that you get? I own 2012 Turbo Automatic with 10k mi on it, and i should be getting 29mpg on the highway according to the official specs. According to the GM, depending on the driving habits you...
  5. Verano Turbo Fuel Economy on 93 Octane

    I drove my Verano turbo on an 86 mile road trip today. The weather was good; calm winds and temperature in the low 50s. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the trip computer and it showed I achieved 33.6 miles per gallon on Chevron 93 octane that contained up to 10% ethanol. :) My speeds...
  6. New Member Introduction

    I would like to introduce myself to the forum. I am a new Buick owner; I recently purchased a 2013 diamond white Buick Verano premium. I sold my Honda Civic on Craigslist and used my GM credit card "bonus points" to reduce the Verano's price. I am enjoying my turbocharged Buick's fast...
  7. How Much mph are you getting on your GS

    Hello I am just doing a poll to see what every one is avg MPG is. I think I am not getting what I should be getting GM is saying 31 MPH I am not even getting close to that :confused: I have a 2012 Regal GS 6speed MT
  8. Turbo "not working"?

    So today I drove to the mall and my 2011 Regal T02 drove perfectly fine. Its 30 Celcius out today (86 Fahrenheit) however that has never been a problem before. When I was on my way home, things were fine, and then all of a sudden when trying to accelerate the RPM almost redlined and then shifted...
  9. Regal 2012 Center Cap Size

    Does anyone know the stock center cap size for the 18's that come on the regal turbo?
  10. 2 New Regals lots of issues

    I purchased two Regals this year one in April and the second in October. It has not been the greatest experience. I will say the dealership is not at fault and has been very helpful. My first Regal was the regular version with package 5(Germany) which includes the nice audio and a sunroof...
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